Using Office 365 Public CDN in SharePoint Online

In the void – bytes counts. You think that’s air you’re breathing? The Appsters wanted to improve their solution by using the public CDN functionality in SharePoint Online. It’s pretty easy to enable in a tenant. I recommend this  Office Dev Center guide for how to do it, and I’m not going into details of exactly that here.

What it does is that enables a library/folder of your choice to be reached from Office 365 using a specific path on the format<tenant host name>/<ID of the public CDN origin>/<sub-path under the origin>

The Appsters’ public CDN URL is

We wanted to share how we work with the Public CDN and Office PnP templates. We are incorporating this into our solution using the CDN URL as a parameter into our pnp-templates.

We are then able to use the parameter when specifying the URL to our JavaScript and CSS files (Of course we’re not referencing every single file – we use a JavaScript script-loader that uses the Sod-functionality to load dependencies (but that’s for another blog post :)). As an example, take a look at how we reference the script-loader from a custom action:

And for the site logo:

And with Chrome Source explorer you can see that our files are loaded from the CDN.

We’re using the public CDN for all of our JavaScript-files, CSS-files, images and logos etc. The only limitation we’ve hit so far is that Office PnP parameters doesn’t work in .spfont files, unfortunately needing us to have the CDN-URL multiple places.

That’s it – happy coding!