Power user functionality AKA User power LOVE

In Zion security is King!
Users of the Command Center change departments and floors all the time. As an effect, the elevators are in constant need of repairs. More importantly users should be able to retain their security groups and the security roles if they, by any chance, change departments. Straight outta the cocoon (meaning: out of the box), this requires system admins to re-assign security roles. This is a major hassle and a complete waste of time, especially in the face of the always imminent Agent threat!
In order to cope with this we have implemented a data model and business logic to handle these challenges. We have implemented a new entity called Security Group consisting of a set of default roles. Whenever a user changes its security group or it business unit, a plugin figures out which security group you belong to and also which business unit you belong to, and it figures out which security roles you are supposed to have, and assigns them to you.
This is a solution created during Artic SharePoint Challange.. Hope you like it! We know how confusing the security roles in Dynamics CRM can be! Why do we have to assign security roles after we move a user who have the same role in a different department?
So we created this to earn some POWER USER LOVE archivement points 🙂
Eat that, Mr Smith!