Virtual Dynamics!

So we wanted to show the contract template in CRM that each of our clients are bound to. Since we didn’t do that much SharePoint (sorry!) we figured it would be a good idea to link these contract types directly to a document in SharePoint.

Virtual Entity to the rescue! CRM has this new awesome feature where you can create a new entity that is virtual (doh!)

To get this to work, you need to connect to an ODataService, and we figured we would use the default SharePoint Odatafeed to read a document library but unfortunately it is only in V3, and this new feature requires it to be V4. So what to do?! We created our own customer ODataFeed-wrapper around SharePoint to give us what we need.

As the good fellow citizens we are, we have of course published our code as open source on GitHub:

And behold the documents in SharePoint:

Is now available in CRM:

What was really cool (and i’m not sure if this was possible in the earlier versions of Virtual Entities) is that it now respects the string datatype URL, so it’s possible to click the links directly to view the document. BTW this text is generated by the awesome Corporate Ipsum Generator.

It is now possible to use lookup to connect our clients House directly to these contracts:

Dyamics is AWESOME!

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House of CGI Spin-off

Today is day 3 and what’s the House of CGI doing ? We sure have our security systems getting going 😀

Who is talking to whom?

Who is helping us know the enemy?

Who is going to dispatch the resources to save us from the threats?


What happened in the war and what happened after the war?

Wait for it, this is going to be LEGENDARY 😀


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Live tempratures in CRM

We sell winter clothing, and winter clothing is best sold to cold customers.

To achive live temperatures we have done a setup with a wireless Node MCU card.

The card is connected to temperature sensors that are placed around Westeros.

Each sensor is read every 2. seconds, and sends data to a http service hosted by an azure function:

The azure function sends data to an Eventhub with several consumer groups. Each consumer group is connected to a stream analytics service.

The stream analytics service is sending messages to a service bus, where we have a logic app publishing this data to CRM.

This flow allows us to have a real time updated regions .

Dynamic winter targeted marketing

The night is dark and full of terrors!

Since we like our customers best alive, we will help them.

In CRM we have real time temperatures of all Westeros regions.

When the temperature is higher then the winter threshold, it is not winter, and our marketing list is empty.

When the temperature for that region drops, winter is coming:

And automatically our “The North” marketing list will be filled up with all our contacts living in that region, so that we can specially target these customers:

Increasing sales with the three-eyed raven

Understanding your customer, so you can provide the best matching offers, and increase sales is always a top priority. Therefor we have deployed three-eyed raven technology® on our customer facing website

The third eye is watching, identifies the visitor(s) and suggest the best offers matching offer(s), targeted to the audience.

Technology wise we are leveraging cognitive service and client side scripting to provide an efficient targeted marketing solution.

And as a footnote, since typescript, react, vue, etc. now is mainstream, everything is implemented in Vanilla JS (God we miss the hipster badge)

Are your house GDRP Compliant?

As a house of Westeros it is important to know if your house is GDPR compliant, and if you have control over your data.

We have created a Microsoft Form survey for you to take, to be able to score your GDPR Readyness.

The completing of the form will trigger a Microsoft Flow :The Flow will send your info to a custom CRM Entity, which we then can use to calculate your GDPR Readyness, and start a sales process specially targeted to help you reach full GDPR Compliance!

PowerApp – GDPR

GDPR states that users should be able to see what data we have stored about them, and to choose to delete or anonymize it. Unfortunatly, anonym is not an option in Westeros. You are either a person or a living dead.

Anyway, we have created a Powerapp listing all the contacts we have in our system:


The app is available for all customers and has a list with name and title. (OK, we know this should only be you!) If you want to see all the information about a contact click the contact for the detailed view:

The detailed view gives you the option to edit information:

Where you as a user could choose to be forgotten:

And since you are either dead or alive, you then actually became dead.. Shame..

The status “Forget me” Will trigger a CRM Workflow that will anonymize the user.

And tada, you exist no more:

This is then reflected all through our systems.

It`s live!

Today we used Azure stream analytics to push data into a Powerbi  service so we can populate the Westeros map with live data.

We have set up tresholds based on temperature so we can reflect this using colour on the map





House of CGI-Security agency

We live in dark times and we could do a lot with the help of some security services 😉 . Our plan is to use cool technologies and come up with a security system which could

  • Help our clients to be protected against all threats
  • Use new technologies to provide best in class protection

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Technologies that the House of CGI uses

These are the technologies , the House of CGI is currently working with to help our clients, be protected against all threats 😀

  • Azure IoT-HUB
  • Stream Analytics
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Logic Apps
  • Azure Functions
  • Dynamics 365 Service
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • Flow
  • PowerApps
  • Sharepoint
  • Azure Cognitive services – Face api to detect persons and Azure Video Index
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure App Services
  • Augumented Reality
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Arduino for IoT
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Azure Queue
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure blob storage
  • Azure Key Vault
  • WebAPI
  • Angular2 Web application (Nodejs and angular-cli)
  • Github for version control
  • CI/CD integrated with Github