Know your people

A quick update from Team Acando.

Unfortunately, the team has had a shortage of people this weekend and the team has suffered further challenges due to sickness. But as the remaining team members still wanting to attend this awesome event, the ambition of the team solution has been scaled down to fit the capacity of the team. We even tried reaching a technology solution, but using only snow and pinetrees from the forest around the hotel didn’t really fly…

But scaled down ambitions still means using the most funky piece of gear present in the misty hills of Voksenåsen this weekend. The Hololens.

Who hasn’t had the experience of meeting people in the office, just having no clue who it is. Well, here comes the HolaLens solution (working name: Facer). With a convenient app you can quickly scan the person and send the image of the person to your company’s SharePoint site. The SharePoint site will check with the Microsoft cognitive services using the Face API and using the results there look up the information of the person in the Contacts list. Voila, you have all the information in a blink of an eye to casually greet the person. And Hololens being the casual eyewear it is, will of course spark new interesting conversations with the person you met.

Do we want everyone in the office to walk around with Hololenses?? Absolutely!!

We are crossing our fingers that we can deliver on this bold ambition.

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