Glossy and dashing dashboards.

Let’s say the Mole Man’s armies have attacked New York yet again, and our brave heroes would like to celebrate the victory with a beer. If the Hulk showed up at Point One Arms, as all super heroes do after a battle, he would not be very pleased if his favourite beer was out of stock.

Therefore, the poor SHIELD agent in charge of the bar for the evening must be able to check the stock, and order refill while fighting off one of Mole Man’s creatures. To do that, the site must be responsive on all devices; desktop, tablet and mobile.

The interface uses a Flat UI bootstrap framework, and a responsive PnP spe-seattle-responsive CSS as a foundation, and added a few bits and tweaks on our own.

We have updated the navigation and header bar a bit. We have also added a button that will hide the sharepoint and office 365 topbars in case you need more space for your dashboards on your surface, helge. Not everyone is as vertical as Fredrik. Your choice is stored in localStorage so it persists between sessions.



Desktop view:1 2 3 4

On a tablet:tablet

On a mobile phone:Screenshot_2016-02-27-10-58-47


We’re aiming for the Glossy Pixels badge: