Translate from English to Dothraki

You can speak English to the translator, and get that translated into the awesome Dothraki language. You can use the microphone on your pc or mobile phone for this purpose.

Here is a picture showing how this functionality is implemented:








For the time being the Dothraki output is in text, but soon it will also speak the output in Dothraki. How awesome is that ?

For future purposes this concept can also be used to translate other fictive languages such as Elvish, Valyrian, Hi Valyran and Klingon.


Violation of GDPR

We have all heard about the General Data Protection Regulation Law, applicable to all countries companies processing data from EU residents. One of the key changes which companies have to take in to consideration, is the strengthening of the conditions for consent. According to GDPR it is necessary to receive clear and distinguishable consent from the subject. And you cannot hide it in a long paragraph with fancy words, it has to be stated clearly so that is easy for the individual to comprehend.

So, why do we address this in our blog post today?

Well, we could not help but noticing that ACDC have posted pictures of the participants on Twitter. And even though the jury is partial American, this cannot be used as an excuse. As mentioned above the law clearly apply to all companies processing data from EU residents.  Of course, we do not want to be a total buzzkill with this post and make the jury delete these pictures. We just want to bring awareness to the fact, that this is not according to the regulation.

And just in case the judges should need some guidance in terms of how to address any incoming cases from participants, we just want to remind them of some of the basics:

  • The regulation states that if it is a serious breach you might have to notify both EU authorities and the individuals affected within 72 hours. So if you think of it, if this could be classified as a serious breach and the GDPR was implemented by now, we would be doing the jury a big favour. Your welcome 😊
  • According to article 17 in GDPR you every participant has the right to get their data deleted within 30 days. And since this is not affecting so many people, we think the jury could have handled that just fine.
  • It also important to remember that GDPR also requires you to have control over where the data is stored.

But of course GDPR do not take effect before 25 of may, so it would not be in violation of this yet. However, it might actually be in violation of some other laws. But this is not the theme of this article. We do however recommend you to get consent from the participants in the future 😉

Westeros secure messaging

The three-eyed raven

The kingdoms of westeros are in conflict, there is conspiracy and treachery between them and it has been a big challenge to rely on the messages they receive from other kingdoms. How can they trust the messenger? How can they trust that the message has been actually sent by an specific realm?

An unknown source of power has been discovered by the kingdoms, it behaves like magic! They call it “The cloud”. The kings have been provided with a special device that is able to recognize spies and also decipher hidden messages in weird languages (encrypted).

Is there a spy? Is there a hidden message in a scroll?
We will soon find out…