Solution update

The solution is a command center based on Dynamics 365, Microsoft Flow, IoT, Power apps, SharePoint and Office groups. The end users are the agents and leaders of Zion. The purpose of the solution is to detect and act upon treats towards man kind and save the planet. With the help of IoT, heat and humidity sensors placed in the Matrix, which sends alerts to CRM.
The agents have an app on their phones that track them with GPS coordination’s.
This allows the command center to detect the location of the resources upon need and the agents know where to meet up for the missionassigment. The alert triggers a task and a FLOW that send out push warnings to all the agents phones as well as the command center.
The FLOW also search for threats on Twitter, that creates a contact on each threat in CRM.


How to trigger an Azure web job using the web hook from a flow

I spent some time to figure this out, so thought I would share.

We have a web job in Azure that runs a PowerShell-script that polls a list looking for new items, picks them up, creates a site collection and applies pnp templates. This works really well as a scheduled job, but it would be nicer if we could trigger the job automatically so we don’t have to wait for the scheduled start time.

It turns out that you can do this with the new Flow! Steps as follows:

  1. First you need the authentication tokens. Go to your App Service where you have the web job running, and click on Get publish profile 
  2. In that file, look for the publishprofile with publishMethod=”MSDeploy”. You need the userName and userPwd. E.g. in my case it was userName=”$ASPC2017″ userPWD=”LBxk5ttrvZTgAM7msxDGRZA0hy9Wws3gdNeuK33hacB52SSaAQRslmuzshzi”
  3. Then you need the web hook url. You find that by selecting your web job and clicking on properties.
  4. Go to the list from where you want to trigger the web job and create a new flow.
  5. The first step is to add a SharePoint action for “when an item is created”, and give the url to your site and your list as input.
  6. The next step is to add an HTTP-action. Choose method POST, add the Uri to the web hook url. You don’t need to set headers and body. Choose Basic authentication and use the username and password from step 2.
  7. The final flow should look like the following

That’s it! After an item is added to the list, your web job will trigger and start running. Happy coding!

Visio Visio Visio – What a challenge :)

We have done it. That took some time, but it was worth it. Alot of things could be done in Visio. Now we can call ourselves experts 🙂

Screenshott of the final results:

You can find all files under:

David Parker your are an awesome Visio MVP. No doubt 🙂

Adding a SharePoint Framework Webpart to appcatalog that is not on a devleoper tenant

Recently we Inmates had trouble adding a SP FrameWork WP to our app catalog. The app package is not valid and there is no “Trust this app” popup when trying to add app package file.

We decided to drop SharePoint Framework webparts for now ( to bad since they are totally awsome ! ) and rather focus on getting things done 😛

We belive it is possible to fix this issue if you enable the developer site coll feature with PowerShell by following the guide here:


Using powerapps and Microsoft flow to notify quest

When a treath rumi the halls of Zion, the commandcenter gets a notification to that theay can place agents on the matter.

We are using Powerapps which automatically contact the different agents in CRM. This triggers a Flow that automatically sends out a push warning on their phone and to the command centers leader. At the same time it also sends an email to the agents, to asking them when and where the team of agents can meet.