Final Day Judging and Demos

We’ve had a few questions about the sequence of things today, especially since the agenda has shifted a bit from what’s on the back of the name tags.

1600 – Judging

We will be doing a round of judging at 16:00 again. Be prepared to update the judges on your progress against the categories as before. At that point, we’ll be looking to understand what you’ve accomplished since the last round of judging on Friday at 1600.

Then we all break, clean up the room, etc.

1700 – “Free time”

1900 – Meetup @ bar

1930 – Challenge fine dinner

2100 – Demos and awards

After dinner, each team will have 7 minutes to present their solution. It should be a “pitch”, with a demo of what you have, remembering that you are mainly pitching to the other teams and esteemed guests. (We judges will have seen most of what you are doing, right?) The categories don’t matter at this point; you should talk about the solution and your results.

Think of it as the first time everyone will be seeing your solution (in many cases this will be true!). Your mission is to convince everyone that your solution is the best. It’s up to you what you emphasize, but here are some angles you could take:

  • We built the coolest thing that reflects the theme
  • We took on the hardest technical challenges
  • We used the highest number of cloud services – the best “mash up”
  • We’re the team with the best jokes
  • We can do the best multi-media presentation

You won’t know which approach the other teams will take, so plan wisely, especially since we will stop you at 7 minutes. Period.

After the demos, we’ll have a popular vote. Scott has built a cool voting solution on Dynamics we’ll use for this.

Then we judges will deliberate and come back with the awards and WINNER(s)!!!!

2200+ ASPC Party

How to setup a new Dynamics 365 Trial

As promised, here is a ‘brain dump’ of how to set up a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trial and enable all the cool features…

The Dynamics Admin page can be opened as follows (it will take a short while for Dynamics 365 to show up in the App list)

(Click to view video)

You can get to the Dynamics Settings as follows:

(Click to view video)

  1. Go to –
  2. Try -> ‘All of these’
  3. O365 Portal -> Admin -> Billing ->Subscriptions->Add Subscription -> Office 365 Enterprise E3 – > Start Free Trial -> Try Now
  4. O365 Portal -> Admin -> Licenses -> Assign Now -> Select your user -> Product Licenses -> Edit -> E3 (Include Office Online, SharePoint Online)
  5. O365 Apps -> Dynamics 365 -> Settings -> Email configuration -> Email Configuration Settings -> Appointments, Contact Tasks -> Server Side Sync
  6. Dynamics 365 -> Settings -> Administration -> System Settings -> Previews -> Cortana + Insights
  7. Settings -> Relationship Insights -> Accept – Continue -> Save
  8. Email Engagement Tab -> Begin Setup -> Turn On Email Engagement for your organization -> Save
  9. Office 365 -> SharePoint -> New Site (Specifically for Dynamics integration)
  10. Dynamics 365 -> Settings -> Document Management -> Enable Server Based SharePoint Integration
    1. Select ‘Online’ -> Next
    2. Enter Url of SharePoint site created above
    3. Next  –> Enable
    4. On the final page click ‘Document Management Wizard’ wizard
    5. Enter SharePoint site -> Next-> Accept All Defaults
  11. Dynamics 365 -> Settings -> Document Management -> Enable One Note Integration
  12. Dynamics 365 -> Settings -> Document Management -> Enable One Drive for Business
  13. Manage Document Suggestions  -> Similarity Rule -> New -> Create Similarity Rule on Account Name -> Save -> Activate
  14. Dynamics 365 -> Settings -> Document Management -> Manage Office Graph Integration -> Next -> Finish
  15. Settings -> Email Configuration -> Email Configuration Settings -> Email Server Profiles -> Microsoft Exchange Online -> Mailboxes -> Select You -> Approve Email -> Apply Default Email Settings
  16. Office 365 Admin -> Admin centers -> Dynamics 365 -> Click little ‘edit’ icon next to Solutions
    1. Voice of the Customer -> Install Events Portal -> Install
    2. Office Groups -> Install
    3. Company News Timeline -> Install
    4. Project Services -> Install
  17. Dynamics 365 -> Settings -> Customisations -> Customize the System -> Under Components, expand Entities, and then click Configure Relevance Search -> Enable Relevance Search
  18. Don’t enable Yammer!! (Use Activity Feeds in CRM or Office Groups)
  19. Dynamics 365 -> Click on your profile circle top right -> Add Profile Picture
  20. Office 365 Admin -> Dynamics 365 Admin -> Applications -> Portal Add in -> Manage->Event
  21. Dynamics 365 ->Settings -> Customisations – > Customise the system
    1. Entities -> Email -> Check ‘Document Management’ -> Save -> Publish (Allows Following Attachments to see when people have opened attachments on sent emails)
    2. Prepare client customisations
  22. Settings->Dynamics 365 App for Outlook-> Add App to Outlook (This will add the Dynamics 365 Office App to your mail box to allow tracking of email/appointments etc.)
  23. Settings -> Solutions-> VOC -> Enable – Enables ‘Voice of the customer’ surveys
  24. O365 Admin-> Dynamics CRM -> Applications->Portal Add On – Configure
  25. Locate CRM Contact for your user in Dynamics  and add Administrator Web Role (this will allow you to edit the content on the Microsoft Portal created above)
  26. Download the Dynamics 365 SDK –
  27. Install the Dynamics 365 Developer Toolkit in Visual Studio (search for ‘Dynamics 365 Developer Toolkit’ in VS Extensions). Using the project templates will download the needed Nuget packages.

Can’t wait to see how you are going to use this stuff!