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Morpheus Pharmaceuticals is promoting new supplements using Machine Learning predictions, all you need to do is provide your weekly intake of the different food you consume and the algorithm will predict which supplement is best for you.

Now, this sounds easy! No, IT WASN’T!

Considering that we don’t have a data scientist in the house, we needed to have a dataset for machine learning that is:

  • Relevant
  • Connected
  • Enough (for punching out patterns)

however, this dataset was prepared manually and in house! Later on, the dataset was imported into SQL Azure to form the data source for our machine learning model.

This doesn’t stop here, a trained model is needed to have the right predictions so we tested a couple of ML algorithms before reaching to the final trained model.

Now, this is how this works, first you provide you weekly intake of the following:

  • Meat (KG)
  • Chicken (KG)
  • Vegetables (KG)
  • Fruits (KG)

then the model provides you with the best supplement that completes the needed nutrition to complete your diet.

Visio Visio Visio – What a challenge :)

We have done it. That took some time, but it was worth it. Alot of things could be done in Visio. Now we can call ourselves experts 🙂

Screenshott of the final results:

You can find all files under:

David Parker your are an awesome Visio MVP. No doubt 🙂

Customer Perspective – Morpheus Pharma


Without customer we would not exist, so we have to create for the a userfriendly and informative webpage so they know more about us and out products

So we all know that SharePoint sticks, as internet website 🙂
Well we all have created that mistake and recommended for many years our customers to create a mess on their webpages. Not this time my friends. Morpheus Pharma wants a userfriendly and good overview of our products and services. That Morpheus Pharma web administrator and publiser would do the work quicker and better than what SharePoint do with news publishing.

So this is how we did it:

  • Created a webapp in Azure based on WordPress
  • Configured WordPress for our purpose

The link for our customers will be:

So we will implement more functionality and integrations on the comming days.

InfoAgents planning the entrance to The Matrix

Hello All

We are honored to be a part of this year event. We are team consists of 4 creative and entusiastic persons: Ragnhild, Raymond, Ahmad, and Hussain.

We managed with the little time we have to plan something, plan how to start at least. We thing we can come up with something after 3 days. Lets see.

InfoAgents 🙂