Final Delivery – DQC Comics – Hero 4 Hire

DQC-Comics proudly announce Hero 4 Hire. The ultimate superhero management platform!

For our customers we provide webforms and mobile applications for your superhero needs

The hero will be within your disposal at the time of your choosing.

For our superheroes we provide great overview of their assignments. When a customer places an order the superhero will be notified.  office 365 group and planner for collaboration and overview.

For management we provide a platform for resource planning of all of the superheroes. With Great dashboards we provide the right people with the right information, at the right time to be able to make valuable business decisions.


We hereby claim the “Extreme business Value” , “Killer App” nad “Consumer Commercial”


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Crawl like a Swede

We made an “App” using angular and html and added this using a content editor webpart. The search query will get current user profile photo and the current user qoute from the Custom Marvel Quote List with the content type Marvel Quote content type.

We hereby apply for the Crawler badge!


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The new Hero App is here!!

Would it not be awesome to be able to call for a superhero through your mobile phone?

That is now possible! We are very excited to announce the new Hero 4 Hire App! Avalible on both Andriod and Windows Universal app. (Soon iOS).

How does it work?

  1. Log in with your Azure AD or  with your Social Identity
  2. Place a request of a Hero
  3. Recieve a list of avalible Heroes
  4. Choose your Hero to aid you in any type of situation
  5. Await your hero and receive the proper help
  6. View your active and historical orders
  7. Rate your experience

We are using Xamarin to create the app and Azure Mobile App to provide necessary backend functionality.

We are happy to demo the application for you!

We hereby claim the badges for “Go Native”, “Xamarin” and “Windows Azure Mobile Services”.




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Delve 2 U

At DQC-Comics we are all about making our business more efficient! Automating repetitive tasks saves us tons of administration and lets us focus on more valuable tasks.

When we receive an order of a superhero the Office Graph api will automatically create a 365 group with all the heroes associated with the order. Then we automated the api to connect to the planner assassinated with the group. and finally adding tasks to that plan.

With this we’re also using the people API and the prior head2head challenge to integrate this to our order a hero flow.

With this we apply for the Delve 2 badge AND the 1st Release badge, as we are using Planner.



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Plug N play baby

At DQC-Comics we run a busy schedule filled with a significant amount of hard working heroes who are constantly aiding the local communities with various difficult tasks.

To manage this we need great reasource planning. We have used a Provided hosted app to fetch the data from the azure sql service. UI Fabric is used for header and font.L_D2D3.tmp

We have also embedded some valuable reports for improved plannig:


With this we apply for the Plug N Play Badge.


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Ofc heroes have LinkedIn?

Everyone knows social networking is important. But Superheroes do not have time to stay updated. They have more important matters to attend to… At DQC-Comics we help our superheroes being more efficient in their line of work. New assignments are now being automatically distributed to each heroes LinkedIn using IFTTT and O365 E-mail. Each time a hero is assigned a task an update is displayed in their LinkedIn account.



We hereby apply for the “Go with the flow” badge.

Badge-NintexFlow (1)

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The disturbing trends of Norway…

DQC-comics has been active all over Sweden the last five years solving various types of problems. Apart from great feedback from our local communities, we have also noticed the crime rate decreasing along with the amazing help of our Superheroes. The stable decreasing crime rate in Sweden has made us shift focus from Sweden and look at our beloved neighboring countries. After analyzing the crime rate in Norway we are sadly identifying horrifying crime trends all over the country. As the government seems to have lost control over crime problem poisoning the country, DQC-Comics feel that it is our duty and responsibility to put everything back into order…


Here is a link to the dashboard

With this we apply for the Dataminer Badge.



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H2H Groups

Creating the group with our awesome GUI…. (ya or not).


Adding all the members related to me (in my case only 8).


All Files in the despicable office365 gui…


All the files in the group presented in our awesome GUI again…


All of this is also created with node and webstorm just to hate some extra on m$.

And therefor we also claim the hipster badge.



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Dash it out

Providing you with four dashboards/kpis of the Bing search acitivtytrend of “Deadpool”. The dashboards were created in Power BI.


With this we apply for the “Dash it out” badge!


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Project Challenge

“In ~250 words outline what’s Project Online gives you in terms of features and functionality that SharePoint does not.”

Demand management

Gain insight into projects, activities and everyday work. Streamline project initiation and progression by applying appropriate governance and control.

Resource management

Deliver results with your workforce today and plan for the future to manage surplus and deficits across a planning horizon.

Schedule management

Deliver the project on time with a map for execution and delivery framework to tracking progress and managing change.

Financial managementAdopt financial management processes and effectively track cost performance to ensure delivery within budget and that the portfolio realizes the forecasted benefits.

Time and task management
Utilize a centralized and common approach to time reporting and task management.

Issue and risk management
Prevent, identify, and mitigate potential business or project-related risks and issues.

Reporting and business intelligence
Collect, categorize, understand, and make decisions about project data. Utilize business intelligence to provide visibility and decision support to proactively manage projects, programs and portfolios.

Program management
Deliver the forecasted benefits of the overall program and across underlying in-flight projects with the additional benefit of establishing and utilizing techniques that provide a program initiation and selection framework.

Collaboration and communication
Facilitate easy collaboration and communication in project teams

Mobile Support
Users can check the status of a project anytime using online dashboards and mobile devices. Work mobility with Project Online’s smartphone functionality

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