Inmates submitting video

Are you ready for some seriously cool stuff? Because this video is gonna blow your mind. I’m talking Hollywood-production-level-of-awesomeness here. Our acting skills will leave you wondering why the hell are we spending our time developing with sharepoint rather than becoming filthy rich acting in movies… because we are HARDCORE that’s why.

I warned you, this is gonna blow your mind, no complainning allowed afterwards:

With this post we are aiming for the Putin badge:

deal with it



Inmates feature bombing

Our crime center portal is now displaying a bunch if useful information by taking advantage of the following features:

  1. Page viewer web part: to display a map displaying real time location of alerts and super heroes
  2. Yammer app to display the super hero feed
  3. Content Editor web part to display some fancy html menu with our tools
  4. List View web part to display our ongoing cases
  5. Script editor web part to embed a PowerBI report



Aiming for the feature bombing badgeBadge-FeatureBombing


INMATES provider hosted SharePoint add-in


In this post we are aiming for the Plug N’ Play badge.

Guess what !

Now you can see a map inside the Marvel Crime Center Unit Portal with the possition of all the heroes and villains.

The appweb is hosted in Azure an the add-in itself is hosted in our SharePoint tenant !

What a great way to be productive 🙂 As long as the add-in is published to SP Online you only have to manage the “backend/frontend” in Azure..

Screenshots of the Add-in:


add-in map


Please Microsoft make it easier to deploy a provider hosted SharePoint Online Add-in 😀 😀 😀 😀



Guess what? Inmates also love CAML queries

Inmates aiming for the Query Master badge


As most of the teams have pointed out before, CAML queries come in handy when you want to filter using a metadata field. To show how you can use puit this to work we created a small tool using REST calls and jquery Data Tables that will help super heroes keeping track of their paperwork. The tool will query the Reports Library and retrieve the documents tagged with his Super Hero tag


In our case we decided to get fancy and concatenate some rest calls just for the sake of it. One rest call to get the forms Digest (hey we will be using POST calls so getting the validation data is important to avoid validation issues), one fancy rest call with a CAML query to get the IDs of the documents using the endpoint



CAML5We are using the results to build a filter we will use for the final REST call using the following endpoint

/_api/Web/Lists/GetByTitle(‘Reports’)/items?$select=BaseName,Created,EncodedAbsUrl&$filter=(ID eq……

Finally with DataTables we are presenting the results. Easy to use and awesome open tool!


And the results:


Inmates are Crawling in the rain

Search is cool. And when I say cool, I mean pretty damned wickedly powerful. You can get creative and use search to do some crazy stuff, I’m talking search for sites based on values read from the property bag level of creative. Yes, search is a weapon you would expect every super hero to have in store.

Since you can do pretty much whatever the hell you want with search, we decided to be creative and show some of its usefulnes by using Content Search web part to display a list of our ongoing cases. We applied some filtering and bam!


Even cooler is the fact that you can use those settings to create your own result source and resue it everywhere you want. Talk about useful!

You can add to the level of creativity by creating your own display templates to present the stuff retrived by Content Search, but we decided we did not need to get that fancy and made do with OOB display templates. Create a few managed properties, do the mapping and there you have it.ContentSearch2

Bottom line, search is awesome. If you don’t use it you should get a D’oh badge!

We are aiming for the Crawler badge


Inmates data mining

As a real nowadays super hero unit, we can’t work without some data. So , answering the question – what are the regions with the highest crime rate in Norway –

We got the data from Statistics Norway (aka SSB) for the crime registered per region. And here is the result!


Looking for Badge-DataMiner

The data from SSB coming in form of the names of komunne, and for the visuzlization (and usabilty) sake we want it to be one the map. So we used a public google API to retrieve coordinates by komunne name.

This gives us a hope to finally complety the dream badge “Stairway to Heaven”. So the public API’s list is now:

  • project Oxford (1. speech recognition and 2. image recognition) – to help superhero identify criminal in the database and create a report with minimum time spent
  • 3. google API (see above) for data mining for crime statistics report


PS: we also did data mining in R Studio, but since we already got a Hipster badge, we just want to mention it, as it was actually very fun to to a API calls from R!

Inmates dashing it out

As any normal working unit (and we are Marvel Crime Center Unit, as everybody of course remembers 😉 ) we need to know how do we perform. So we got a Power BI to show the alerts statistic.

On the front page we can now find :

  • alert locations on map
  • total alerts count
  • alert assigned by Super Hero
  • total alerts Assigned \ Completed


Happy power-bi-ing!

Looking for Badge-Dash

PS: as I am actually not a Sharepoint developer, I am relatively prowd to have created a useful report and embed it in Sharepoint! For that I have published report in and embedded in a web part.

Therefore humbly looking also for:Badge-PowerUserLove

PPS: big thanks to my team mates for practical help and mental support! (the last one was particulary required)

Inmates… ok guys, now really reeeeallyyy cool stuff :)



After the criminals are caught by the SuperHeroes, then a report needs to be written.

The super hero opens Word, and the first step is, of course, verify if the criminal is already in the criminals black list or not. The team, and this is the most awesome part here, integrated Project Oxford Face Recognition into Word, and magic happens.

Check the prints… and feel free to step into my office for a demo! 😀 I love this game!







The team is now also using 3 different cloud api’s in the solution! Project Oxford, Google API and Machine Learning, so we believe we are now entitled to get