Chain Reaction Flow

Making appointments is a tricky workflow can make things easy for you!

using Nintex for office 365 users can register, take appointments and check their results through a neatly connected workflow (chain reaction!)

appointmenttests results

aiming for:


Go Xamarin

Providing public users with lab results on mobile app!

Supply the result code and get your results on the phone!

CAML queries are used at the back-end!


Aiming for:




and WMS Badge!

Lab surveillance

In a research facility it is important to have control with what’s happening in the labs. And sometimes you need to do that remote. If you are creating the next Hulk you do not want to be in the same room.

To support this we have created a solution that takes pictures of the lab so that researchers can see whats going on. The solution is created with a raspberry pi and a connected camera. It uses websockets to controll the camera and sending information to clients when a new picture is available.

And since Infovengers like to be hip the solution is created with node.js, gulp, less and developed in Visual Studio Code.



Aiming for:





Special labs availability

In order to create new super heroes we need to expose our subjects(lab rats) to Radiation. Cause we all know that radiation creates super heroes…or kills…

When our researchers wants to book a Laboratory, they can check the Special labs availability page.  to see which lab is currently available.
the red labs are occupied and the green ones is available.
The visio drawing updates every 1 minute.


The list of available labs is hosted in a sharepoint list


The researcher can also get an overview of positive and negative results on each Lab
also hosted on SharePoint




Aiming for:


Project Online: Head 2 head

  • Project portfolio management.
  • Project task scheduling capabilities though web based user interface.
  • Team’s activities reports and tasks projection.
  • Projects Idea module.
  • Resource utilization and allocation.
  • Skype for business integration (team members connectivity)
  • Project summary dashboards.
  • Demand management and work management.

feedbacks a bitch

As a part of our solution users that have had tests done on them can send feedback and complaints to our research department. For this, we have used yammer. It was a simple case of usings a script web part and point it to the right yammer group. And why do it that way instead of using the OOTB web part, cos it’s wank.

here is the script

<div id=”embedded-feed” class=”wrapper” style=”height:400px;”></div>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>
<script type=”text/javascript”> yam.connect.embedFeed({
container: “#embedded-feed”,
network: “”,
feedType: “group”,
feedId: “7443785”,
config:{header: false,
footer: false

here is the screen shot of it in use:


we’re aiming for:


Stairway to Nasty Hack

Based on the show an tell post, the Infovengers were planning to do a major module on office 365 using Nintex for office 365.

So yesterday Nintex Add-in for office 365 stopped working for a considerable amount of time during, due to a major malfunction in the add-in world wide, but that didn’t stopped the Infovengers!

We thought  of moving the whole module to on-prem and connect lists from office 365 to SharePoint on-prem. In order to pull that off and hack the issue of Nintex Add-in, we connected lists from O365 to lists on-prem through BCS and SQL Azure as per the below image:


Aiming for:


No code Involved! Configuration only




crawling News Shit web part.

using crawling, a content type, a query and a display template I have created a News search web part to inform our potential bat-shit crazy lab rats of our research and shit that superheroes get up to


using query rules and result blocks to get relevant news on top in the searchpage.


aiming for:


Badge-EarlyDelivery Badge-Crawler

Infovengers: Lab and Research Facility Management

The Avengers Lab and research facility that performs regular lab tests (blood, stool etc.) in addition to lab experiments (genetic mutation, human abilities boosting, etc.) requires some management; the avengers – with the help of team Infovengers – wishes to manage their day-to-day work, after they have realized  that they need more super heroes and more people with super power to defeat the increasing number of villains!

The main actors in the system are:

  • Public Users
    • Requesting regular lab tests
    • Lab Rats 🙂
  • Researchers (works with experiments)
  • Lab personals (works with daily lab tests)



Public facing site:

  • Office 365.
  • Activities
    • Registration.
    • Are you willing be lab rat?
    • Appointment organizer 
    • My Tests
    • My Test Results
    • My Experiments (Being  a Lab Rat).
    • Hybrid features (connectivity with the back-end system on SharePoint On-Prem) 

Home Page

My Page

Mobile App:

    • Take an appointment.
    • See results.

Researchers :

  • SharePoint on-Prem.
  • Dashboard for experiments
    • Last experiments initiated
    • “Best bets” Latest Scientific Topics
    • My Experiments
    • My experiments results graph
    • Get live feeds of experiment related activities (radioactivity, virus outbreak, nuclear contamination).
    • Lab rats
      • Mortality rates
      • Newly registered
      • Power acceptance rate
  • Experiments module 
    • Define an experiment
    • Define experiment sequence
    • Store Experiment results
    • IoT using raspberry pi
      • Document experiment process and procedures (Video/Audio/Document)

Researcher Dashboard

Lab Personals:

  • Office 365.
  • Lab Test Module:
    • Collaborate with appointment organizer
    • Move approved appointment to tests
    • Document results and notify
  • Lab Dashboard

Lab Management (Home)

Aiming for: