Artemis delivery

The Inmates deliver on their promise of creating a Round Trip Modeller for SharePoint!

Our fabulous ModernUI app facilitates easy creation of complex SharePoint structures using gestures and general userfriendliness.

The app can also be used to read existing SharePoint structures, and to add webs to these.

Shown in the demo:

The inital SharePoint cloud structures. Note: No “Web 1” web.

Artemis: An initial structure. “Test” is clicked, and the SharePoint online structure is downloaded. A web is added, the url is changed to “demo1”, and “Create” is clicked to create the structure online.

Back in SharePointonline: The web (“Web 1”) appears and we have round-tripped.

Click through:

Additional stuff not shown: Visio and Access integration, lots of metro functionality, BI, and other badge stuff that is not directly related to the business case.

Glossy pixels

We humbly ask for the Glossy pixels badge.

Why? Thought you’d never ask. Although we are not designer, and do not wear black turtlenecks, our solution is ludicrously user friendly – which is the point of this badge, surely.

  • Glossy glossy: Our solution uses the Metro interface, and has taps, double taps, gestures, edit panels, zoomability, appbars etc
  • NO! glossy: We have multi-level undo functionality!
  • Floppy glossy: (nice term!) We have autosave and autoload because “save” is sooo 2014. No more floppy disk icons!
  • Nosy Glossy: With our support for gestures, you can create structures using your nose.

ArtemisTop ArtemisEdit:

We control the cloud

Our app now has the capability of creating subsites in our tenant – thus enabling us to create the gorgeous structures that we desire so.

Btw. We’re using GIT for our source-control (obviously, it’s on GitHub).. anyways, we feel GIT is really hipster. Create a new shelveset you say? No no, you must ‘stash’ your code.

Inmates – DOH

We have created a completely useless Office App. Now you can play Tennis inside Excel or Word! And the code behind is of course “borrowed”.


Applying for:





Inmates end of day

When Chris said that it was impossible to read and write data from an SPOnline Access Services DB – we just had to take him up on that. Anton delivered and has already demoed the working solution. We’re able to connect and execute SQL-queries directly to Access Services. Pretty cool! We’ve also connected it to a cool SPOnline app.

Our WCF REST-service that’s hosted in Azure is finally an integrated part of our architecture design app. We’re iterating all site collections, sites and subwebs of our tenant – AND it’s CORS-enavbled and publicly accessible. Here’s to not getting throttled! (Check it out here.. it takes some time to load, since we’re executing about 250 client-context-queries instantly).

So our App is now finally integrated with SPOnline – so that should qualify us for the Go Native badge.

For our Access hack AND our CSOM-service-nightmare:



Progress behind bars

So what’s cooking since last time?

Well – we’ve setup a dashboard of our GIT repo

We’ve also managed to connect Visio with out data model. The data modeler’s XML can now be loaded into Visio to generate a chart, using the same notation as our windows-app.


Also, just saying, our Windows app is of course a .. native app! 

Our cloud-service borrows all it’s SharePoint Online authentication code from the Office PnP-project.


Lights out for the Inmates

That’s it – we’re done for the day! So what ever did we do?

Well – Reidar has worked hard on the ARTEMIS windows-app and it’s starting to look quite snappy! It’s got gesture-support and even supports zooming to get a wider perspective of things. The idea is that the end-user will be able to use gestures to create different components.

ArtemisDay1 ArtemisDay1_2

In accordance with the rest of the world, we too are going open source! You can check out our code on our public GitHub repo should you want to.

Anton is gaining traction on the Visio integration, it will be awesome!

Helge is working on the cloud-integration. That will be implemented as a REST-enabled Azure Cloud-service. We have site creation confirmed to work and are quite happy about it indeed!

Sharing is indeed caring, and sharing is something we are occupied with – not only internally but also externally. Our code is open to the public and we even TWEETED about it. Likely the first first-tweet ever to not say “first tweet”…

The code may be premature and not very pretty, but it’s in Azure and it’s doing it’s job – which right now consists of creating a site in SharePoint (of course that site already exists so it won’t be created.. (Update: The REST endpoint has been replaced. We’ll post the new one in the next post, probably)

Ok, actually, we should nominate someone else for this, janteloven and all.. but what the heck, we’ve been going at it 100% today, skipping beer-tasting and even making huffing and puffing sounds in the keynote to be able to get back to work faster. It that’s not remarkable team spirit, I have no idea what is..

Happy camps galore! This year we dropped the “clean” look and went for a more cozy campfire expreience. Come to our camp for some great tasty grilled marshmallows on our very own personal indoor campfire! Strangely, the staff lets us keep it running… DISCLAIMER: Hot marshmallows are delicious, tasty and extremely addictive. Consume at your own risk.

The antlers are back on the scene btw.

Can inmates be architects?

We’re back – and this time we mean business … or something like that.

What are we cooking?
For this years ASPC we’re going for an IaaA-approach (Inmates as an Architect). Microsoft sent shockwaves deep into the SharePoint Developer community when they announced that they were dropping the Feature framework, thus technically deprecating the concept we know today as farm solutions entirely.

So the Inmates have already been dreaming about an app for SharePoint architecture, and this just became a natural extension of that dream.

We will be creating an app which we call Rount Trip Modeler for SharePoint (or ARTEMIS). This app will provide business value for both architects and business dudes. The thought is that SharePoint architecture should be made easy and portable. The architect will be able to quickly, via a MS Surface, drag and drop farm components into a visual editor. The business dudes will be able to make business-critical decisions by viewing the model either in VISIO, PowerPoint or on their mobile phones.

So here is what we are aiming at creating:

  1. An app for touch-devices to easily and visually create a SharePoint architecture
  2. An ability to export the model to VISIO and work with it there and then import it back to the app
  3. The ability to replicate the structure from the app in SharePoint Online.
  4. A mobile app to view the model – and possibly create / update it
  5. The ability to integrate it into PowerPoint.

Or as illustrated here:



At the moment, we have created the solution in Visual Studio TFS, the app has been created and basic visual functionality (we can place boxes on the page!!) is in place.