Vader implements more control

Vader is kind, deep in his hear. He want to implement a tool to let the his employees work effectively together. So Windows app is the thing.

When employees starts the app, they will choose what role do they have for the day


And then work 🙂




Submitted data will be stored in SP list in Office 365.

With this we are aiming for:



Final Delivery: Vader’s Retirement Plan Restaurant

Looks like that Darth have a different retirement plan this time, he thought opening a restaurant is a good idea, however he believes that technology and process automation is good idea running his retirement plan, therefore he seeks the help of a professional geeky team!

The Infozurgs presents Feast!

Feast is a restaurant management solution, that facilitates “Darth Vader’s Diner” through its day-to-day work efficiently and effectively; starting from online food delivery, restaurant table management, and ending by a back end management portal.

Feast is hybrid solution (Office 365 and on-prem), along with a windows app table management solution.

Feast Online (Office 365):

Is the public facing solution, that include the following modules:

  • Food Delivery (With Menus): users can choose food items from available menus, and order food to be sent to their planets. know that this is an automated process, food will find its way to you!

Order Food

Order Delivery

  • Feedback and Complaints: no more unhappy customers, we are all ears!

Nintex form

External List Complaints

Feast On-prem (SharePoint 2013):

Is the back end solution, which include an internal management solution which provides:

  • Sales: We got all the charts that a CEO like Darth would need.

Claims Total Per Category Claims Percentage Sales Delivery per month

  • Table Management Monitoring: Darth would like to keep track of the tables status in the diner.


  • Yammer in action: Get exposed if you are not doing you job.


Feast Table Management (Windows App): 

Is a windows app that enables waiters and chefs collaborate and organize their daily tasks. Taking orders, passing it into the kitchen and back to the customers again is no longer a headache. The app module includes:

  • Dine in Management: Taking orders, passing it to the kitchen and pick up ready orders back to the customer.



Head 2 Head – How dares to head against Vader


Vader tried to connect the Webservices to SP List and then imported to Excel

Here is the data that he managed to get from the services.H2H

And the graph that shows these data in a good


And here is the data model tabels connected to each other with PowerPivot











One thing that was “kind of missing” is the data to be refreshed on SP list from web services. Vader did not have time to get this working probably. But he things he could get some points for his brave try. Dont you think 🙂

We are aiming for the following:


That we missed the last part 🙂


Doh with the Flow, Yam Yam!

Infozurgs were asked to automate the order delivery process, however we need to find a way to communicate with those skippers (chefs and delivery boyz), so we thought of combining e-mail notifacations along with Yammer messages (Doh!).

Simply, the workflow is a four steps flow:

  1. Preparation (picked up by chef)
  2. Pick up order (by delivery boyz)
  3. Out for delivery
  4. Delivered

and during the flow, both e-mail and Yammer messages are sent to correspondent actors. Two yammer groups have been made for this purpose:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Delivery Boyz

This is how the workflow looks like:

Order Delivery

Aiming for:





Darth Vader is watching you! Table management Monitoring v.2

In order to have an overview of the situation in his restaurant, Darth Vader wants to get the avaibility of the tables at any time. Darth has allready Visio in his machine, thats weird right. But what to say, he is a control freak.

So the solution is to connect Visio diagram to a SP list that keeps data about tables such as seat # and busy status.

This is the Visio Diagram:


And this is the list source that the data comes from:


Vader did that all by him selv. He is becoming a great Power User 🙂

This data will be updated with more data in the comming days.

With this we we are aiming for these bagdes:


Darth Vader gives his customer the treat they deserve








After an orderen has been submitted, the customer will receive a confirmation mail. This mail will contain the order tracking id.


And when customer clicks on the tracking link, they will be send to the order details where they will get status of the order.



Maybe you will ask why not getting information right away from the source so users will aviod switch between services/portals. The issue is cross site and Mime type returned from SharePoint Online is not json.

While working with that case we found a good hack to open for services from SharePoint Online Public sites.

<script type=”text/javascript”>
ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(function() {
var ctx = new SP.ClientContext();
var site = ctx.get_site();
function() { alert(‘success’) },
function() { alert(‘error’) }
}, ‘sp.js’);

Without this anonymous public portal will not allow you to access _api services.

We are aiming for these badges:

Badge-NastyHacker Badge-OfficeLut

Vader Says: Grap me the recipes from that webpage.

Vader found a webpage with foods he would like to have in his restaurant.
He wants one of the It guy to create something to grap the food recipes and put it in the backend system.

Just to make sure that any updates to the webpage will reflect the recipes list, he would like it to dataminer the webpage once a day, and add new recipes if exists.

The It guy created a console app, which dataminer the webpage, and add the recipes into a sharepoint list. He use a taskscheduler to make sure that any new recipes will be added.

The recipes with be tested out and if good enough will be use in the menu.

Webpage url:

results after run:



Aiming for:

Data Miner