Head 2 Head


Created visio diagram



List in sharepoint


Added viso web part

27So this is our submission.

first we create a column called entity:h2h1


Then we create a process in Visio:

Then we hookup the stuff in our SPFarm:



Expense Claims flowing down the river

At Steria we always approve expense claims , because we have so much money. Thus, our workflow for approving the claims is pretty simple: When the TravelStatus Field in the Associated list is set to “Done”, the workflow is triggered, and a mail is being sent to the members of the Approvers list. The first approver who approves will complete the flow


workflow 1

With the code behind:



workflow 2

workflow 3

IT professional craftsmen!

In this post, we are trying to claim:

SharePoint Craftsman

We believe we have achieved this badge because our environment is set up according to SharePoint best practices. We have described some of our practices earlier:

  • Settings of our SQL Server: http://blog-aspc.azurewebsites.net/sharepoint-craftsman-3/
  • Scripted installation of SharePoint in Azure: http://blog-aspc.azurewebsites.net/scripted-installation/
  • Federation of search results with Bing: http://blog-aspc.azurewebsites.net/crawling-federated-result-source-for-sharepoint-2013-search-bing/

In addition, we have applied best practices while configuring the following services/servers:

  • We have installed and configured ADFS and defined trust between Office 365 and our on-premise SharePoint-farm.
  • We have setup a dirsync server to sync accounts between Office 365 and our AD which is running on-premise.

This is done according to best practices from http://goodworkaround.com/node/53 and Technet.

Another important point is that all this is done during this challenge. We started from scratch on this when we arrived at Thursday.

If you have any questions on how we have done this, please drop by our table 🙂

Salsa animations

In this post, we are trying to claim the bagde:

Client Side Salsa

We have extended our SharePoint app with animations. We now have animations when switching between views in our application (fading in and out). And we have client side instant filtering in our view.

Screenshot of application during fading:


Screenshot after the user has typed a character in the main view:animation2png

Screenshot after the user has typed another character:




We are also loading data async from the OData REST service in the cloud in order to facilitate quicker rendering times of the main application.

If you need a demo, please come by our table.


hacking the results in search results.

With this post we claims the Nasty hackers badge, and the crawler badge

Just because we made sure that the exact file we specified always will come on top of the search results in SharePoint.

1. Added a new query rule:


Add promoted result:


Typed the URL we want to promote.


This gives us our file always on top. This is a really great HACK, and the coolest part, no code was necessary!


We claim the crawler bagde because we have made changes to the results of the local sharepoint search result.

Claiming badges:





Our chatapp now has drag and drop of gui-components

So we’ve previously shown our signalR chat application that gives the employees a chance to talk to each other and get help from the finance-department regarding issues with their travel claims. The gui for this application is now supporting drag and drop between differnet containers powered by HTML5.asc1 asc2 asc3



We are claiming the high5-badge for this little feature.