The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry story

Some time ago Dumbledore at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry decided that they needed a new system for handling all of their events. The SkillWizards was hired in and have now successfully built the Hogwarts Event system.
At the beginning, Hogwarts were using an access database for handling their events, but when the need for a new and better system came up, they decided to use Office 365 and SharePoint Online. First step was to make the old Access database accessible in SharePoint online while the SkillWizards built the new system. Then the Wizards made a POC to start to build the solution.

Since Dumbledore was so happy with the SkillWizards he also engaged them to build a Drone surveillance system. To achieve this the SkillWizards started with a Lego Mindstorm POC.

After Dumbledore approved the POC, he decided to go forward with the Drone surveillance system.

Some screenshots of the solution:


Hogwarts info screens

To be able to present the event program in an efficient way, Hogwards need a solution for displaying the events to participant without having to write it two times. Therefore, we enabled the event list as a catalog, and connected it to a publishing site. At the publishing site we consume the navigation that’s defined in the event list. We also adjusted the Display Template so the event information is presented nicely.

Badges aimed for:


Using CSWP cross site collection to display information in a nice way with cusom display templates.


Digging into the information provided by the user field retrieved, breaking it up and using the data to creating something very useful!

Jquery Easteregg

There’s an easteregg in the startpage of out Sharepoint portal. When you click an insivible box at the top of the header picture two times Yoda and the death star appears in the picture.

This is achieved by jquery in an script editor webpart in the page:


With this badge we are aiming for the Client Side Salsa badge.



Migrating from SharePoint 2010 OnPrem to Office 365

The only SharePoint 2010 solution we could find was actually Puzzlepart’s extranet – so why not migrate some content to Office 365 using ShareGate?

(don’t worry – speeded up 400% – migrations are not that fun to watch live)

Badges we try for:

  • Retro
  • Thieving bastard (as the description actually asks for 3rd party solutions) (using another team’s extranet is maybe stealing?)

SharePoint Lego-Drone Killer Application

After 2 days of hard work and tough competition, something started brewing over the still city of Oslo. A spark of what started this wonderful event in the first place. That spark ignited a flame of collaboration between the iTerroristas and the Skill Wizards.

Each team had been working on crazy innovative solutions to extremely critical business prosesses, but something was missing… In collaboration, you could say that sometimes… 1+1 can equal 3… something amazing can come out of collaboration, something which can make the whole, greater than the sum of it’s parts. The result is the following SharePoint Lego-Drone hybrid application…

We are proud to present, the first ever collaborative delivery in the history of Arctic SharePoint Challenge!

In our humble opinion, we feel this delivery deserves the following badges:

Honestly, we aim for the following badges:


Technology used

  • Angular.js
  • Office 365 / SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint 2013 workflow for calling mindstorms service
  • Putty (SSH tunnel from internet / Office 365 to Mindstorm Proxy)
  • ASP.NET Web API (again, now serving as a Mindstorms Proxy)
  • for controlling the Mindstorms
  • The enter button
  • VMWare
  • SharePoint 2010 on premise
  • Node server
  • AR-drone node module
  • Content editor web part
  • Hlynur’s beard

(Even collaborated on the blog post 🙂 )

Hogwarts event statistics

Hogwards needs to get an overview of all events and participants. To solve this demand we created a BI solution that is hosted in PowerBI. We built a data model with Power Query and use Data Management Gateway that combines some data they have on-premises (addresses) with data that’s stored in SharePoint Online. By combining the different data, we also do data mining and we are using data from on-prem in the cloud.


Badges aimed for: