Inmates submission

Here’s our submission for the Arctic SharePoint Challenge 2014.

SP COS – command  line interface to insert patient data into SharePoint.


Surgery app


When Mario talks to the system, it automatically updates Yammer


SharePoint-as-a-Doctor (SPaaD)

An important part of the doctor’s job is making crucial life-and-death decisions about patients. Therefore, we have created an app that fetches a list of all the illnesses in the world straight from a medical database. It goes through every illness and gets important data about diagnosis, treatment and name – so as to ease the doctor’s job, or replace it entirely!

The doctor can, through SPCOS (SharePoint Cloud Operating System, courtesy of us), utilise SharePoint search to diagnose what’s wrong with the patient, provide an accurate prognosis and aid the doctor in the decision to pill or kill.

This is done by aggregating all the symptoms the doctor finds and doing a search for them.

For the doc, this is as easy as writing “diag [patient name]”.

The wiki-leecher is a provider hosted app that’s hosted on an Azure website.


Crawler, if our SharePoint-search-is-the-doctor feature doesn’t get us this badge, nothing will.


Also, we’re using moment.js in our SP-COS-system, which should qualify us for

Also, let’s not forget,text based interface;

Inmates are at it again


So first off, as many of you know, we’re doing a medical lifecycle app suite. The first step is in the doctor’s office where the doc inserts data about the patient. Our familiar interface is now powered by HTML5 and features dynamic resizing of the text to adapt to different device sizes (notably, a feature the original MS-DOS lacked) as well as on-page speech recognition to allow the doctor to talk in his prognosis, view patient data, delete patients and more!

We’ve named this baby “SP-COS” – SharePoint Cloud Operating System.

SPDos full
SPDos tiny

ctually something else than <canvas>!

Next-gen responsiveness!

ammer-integration and SP-COS speech interface does it’s thing in real time!

 On a sidenote; are we using GIT for source control, keeping track of our project in TFS Online (Visual Studio Online) and keeping to coding best practices? Of course.




The inmates are ruining the asylum

Hi there!

We thought we’d share a small progress report in a shameless attempt to gather more badges 🙂

We’ve implemented a speech recognition-thing to communicate with our solution. As of right now, the app will automatically post a Yammer post whenever the surgeon decides to start operating. The business value here is obvious; Just tell the system you’re doing surgery and all the other doc’s at the social hospital can assist in the actual surgery – in real time. Here’s a demo:

The interface supports both voice AND waving arm-gestures – as still-demoed on the picture above.
For this we’re hoping to qualify for these badges:

Just check out that smooth UI 😉

All the Yammer-stuff is happening on the client side, authentication, posting – everything. As is our SPDOS-application which is featured below!

We are indeed embedding numbnuts as our surgeon app is actually a Windows 8 app!

The other thing we’re working on is a familiar interface for doctors to interface SharePoint. As we all know, doctors struggle with the concept of pointing and clicking. UI is also a challenge. They want a decluttered and easy-to-use experience. They want to save stuff to floppy-disks.

For the docs, we’re creating SPDOS – a text-only interface for increasing (or decreasing?) usability.



Is anything of this actually useful? Probably not…


P.S. For the cleanest and most portable camp in the house, we strongly feel we qualify for

Because a clean camp is a happy camp! 🙂


Doctor Dexter; Do it yourself surgery through SharePoint

A man walks into a doctor’s office, saying “Teepee, wigwam”
“Relax,” says the doctor, “you’re two tents.”

Yeah, I know, it works better when spoken out loud.

Inmeta Inmates will, during the Arctic SharePoint Challenge 2014, develop a suite of solutions for the modern[1] Norwegian doctor.
• A man walks into a doctor’s office.
• The doctor creates a new patient thingy in the thingy, and takes down some initial details.
• The doctor then examines the patient, and records findings in the thingy.
• After a quick diagnosis, the doctor decides that surgery is needed.
• The surgeon uses SharePoint to access details about the patient, and consults experts, manuals and other surgical aids.

Key challenges
• Doctor’s don’t know how to use modern PCs, but are still using diskettes. SpDos is a back to basics text interface with commands like “mkpat” (make patient), cd, type, whoami, whatami, diag, etc.
• During examination, the doctor is unable to use the keyboard. The solution needs to understand speech input.
• During surgery, the surgeon has a face mask, and is unable to utter intelligible commands. The solution needs to understand hand gestures.

Bonus features
• Diagnosis of patient
• Yammer help from colleagues
• Correct position of incisions using Kinect overlays

• Visual Studio online (Use cases, work items etc etc!)
• Git projects
• SharePoint online / Office 365 (I hate branding!)
• Speech recognition and speech synthesis (ISMM – Inmates Speech Medical Module)
• Kinect (also part of ISMM)

[1] for values of “modern” that includes a PC, but not necessarily a modern GUI.

Doctor use case

Patient use case