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The client side code for the dish menus and ordering part of the Feast restaurant management solution is now live on github.

It is available at—

And here is the tweet:


Aiming for:


Html 5 canvas graph of likes

highfiveThe Feast’s online menu gives it’s users the possibility to add likes to the different dishes. This is used to create a graph of the most liked dishes that is presented on the front page. This can be useful for other users when they are deciding their own dishes. It is also useful for the restaurant to see what their users like.

The solution is implemented with client side javascript and the graph is drawn on a html5 canvas object. The whole site is also implemented as a responsive html5 page.

Aiming for:



Ordering food

This solution is part of the web front end of the Feast restaurant management solution where users are presented With a menu of dishes that they can order. The user Selects the dishes they want, enters their address and submits the order.

The dishes are fetched from a list and the orders are saved to another list. The solution is implemented With Client side JavaScript and uses knockout.js for templateing/data binding.


When the user has submited the order the user is given feedback With a window of star wars scrolling text.


Aiming for:





Solution Deployment

There are some limitations to deploy Our solution to the Office365. So we will assume that we have Our solution on promises.

1. Structure
Deployment structure consists of:
– Batch file that runs the PowerShell ps1 file
– Properties that spesfices environment spesific values
– WSP Solution
– Log file


The code
– Delete existing and create a New site Collection and site
– Deploy WSP packs from current folder
– Activate features

Here are some printscreens of the script:

Create site Collection

Activate features










SharePoint got talent web page

This webpage is designed to let users go there and see, like and comment the feeds. The following Technologies are used.

– SharePoint auto-hosted app (Azure).
– Designed the logo
– Responsive

This is view for Full screen


View for 700 px


and smaller screens


and on phone


We aim for the following badges:

Dataminer spc14 content and show it in CSWP (Item catalog)

As a user i would like to have a page present to me the topics of the sessions at SPC14. By choosing any topic, a search result will be present to me of the chosen topic.

This is how we solved the requirement:
– We start of by using the Content Enrichment web service for search in sharepoint 2013 to add the correct topic for every item crawl from the spc14 sessions. To be able to do this we have to search the document body for words relating to the topic.
– We also added a customUrl to do the query for use when a topic is chosen.
 for the display of the results, we used two CSWP, one for displaying the topic, and the other to display the search result after a topic has been chosen.
When Yammer is chosen
hen “Office 365” is chosen
When “App” is chosen


For demo purpose, we only categorize 3 topic, “Yammer”, “Office 365” and “App”

We are aiming for Catalog King, Dataminer and Nasty Hacker.