De Umoelige: Final delivery

ITs been fun, and we have lived up to our name and done the impoessible. We have made a security camera system that is fully supported by any Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet), except maybe in the US.

We set out with a goal of upgrading the office experience. Automating common tasks to save the company time, money and despair. A secondary goal was to give people even more reason to visit the SharePoint based intranet.

The result of a 3 day hack is many small and couple of main features integrated into SharePoint.

Link to video presentation

Kinect whiteboard capture

We all love to draw on whiteboards. But unfortunately sometimes what we draw is actually a bit useful and we want to take it with us. Then its up with the cell phone, take a picture, email to self.

SharePoint integrated webcam that captures the whiteboard in a meeting room. It uses Microsoft Kinect depth sensor to detect the largest flat surface and through some nifty and speedy algorithms it removes any object not located on this surface. The end result is a webcam that removes any people from the image while keeping the whiteboard content up-to-date.

Coffee maker monitor

With the love of old manual coffee makers blooming a common problem is that guy that never starts a new brew when he takes the last cup.

We developed an image analysis system for detecting the coffee maker in a live image stream and find how much coffee is remaining and whether its brewing or empty. Alerts are sent on Yammer, data is accessible from SharePoint (per cent, history graphs, live image) as well as from cross platform mobile clients (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Windows RT and Windows 8).

Shared whiteboard

Getting up from your chair to draw on the whiteboard is so old-school. We have developed a virtual whiteboard that allows you to share a whiteboard from SharePoint and native mobile/pad/tablet. Combined with a projector nobody needs to get up. Perfect for those long meetings.

Competence hunt

Tired of the eternal rant of your boss/sales department of updating your CV? Tired of the seemingly endless stream of ideas on how to share knowledge in the company? Just want to go home and play Duck Hunt? We have the solution. We have combined Duck Hunt and updating of competence profile with Yammer to create the perfect knowedge sharing tool. Everyone will love hearing about how much you know!


Coors Lite

Tired of wondering if you are the most popular one in the office? With our new system of “Corrs Lite” you can track creds when people do something good (or bad).

User centric design

Wonderfull new simplistic design specifically designed for WinRT, Windows 8 and other touch devices. Scales to any screen size.


Youtube Queue!!!

The idea is to have colleagues post url’s to funny youtube videos during the week, and on friday we all sit down and watch all the videos together.

Big business value here, less slacking off during the week, save it for Friday!



Blaming and creds to the coffee people!


Now we can blame each other for not putting on new coffee! We can also give ourself creds for actuallty doing the job for everyone else (!!). When you blame someone or give yourself creds, this makes a REST call to a servicestack service that push the data into Azure SQL.

We then use these tables to make three charts in excel to display different coffee..scenarios:

-How much coffee has been brewed over a period of time

-Who has the most coffee creds of them all!

-Who is blamed for not putting on new coffee


We just got the “Dash it out” badge, so this post is more or less to show something we did today. This feature is something we’ve talked a lot about having at work, if anyone in Umoe is reading this – you know who you are. And you should put on new coffee when you leave the pot empty <3

Missing badges

It seems some badges has gone missing…
New things during the night (allnighter, yay!), some forgotten and some … well … lost in cyberspace.


  • “Create site collection” button in SharePoint:
    Setting context to null while running a call to bypass Microsofts best practice (heck, to bypass sanity itself).
  • Knowing hotels are notorious for bad WLAN coverage: Set up own WLAN router with custom Linux firmware and boosted signal strength from a legal 42 to a healthy 255 and placing it in the middle of our table. Because we value good internet coverage more than our health (and potential children).


  • Coffee pot surveilance native app for Windows Phone, Windows Store (RT), Android and iPhone – with live analysis image.
  • Native Android app for shared whiteboard.


  • Use of the latest within HTML5 and CSS to make our site smooth. Anything that can be has been done in JavaScript.
  • Silverlight-based Competence Hunt.


  • Azure SQL storage for historical coffee data. Just in case this product becomes successful over night and we need to scale quickly.
  • Azure Mobile Services public API with sample implementation, for the same reason.





  • All SharePoint apps we have made
  • Competence Hunt
  • Coffee status (never go without)
  • Shared whiteboard
  • Kinect Whiteboard for snapping pictures of the whiteboard during/after meetings


  • Database of what badges we have received are stored in an Access database accessible from SharePoint



Morning Glory

This is our entire team in front of the Logo this morning. (I were not able to generate a time stamp at the photo itself, but the original photo can be seen on my camera with the exact time of exposure). Allthough it is quite cloudy, we waited until there was enough light outside to consider the sun to have risen.

From all of us at “De Umoelige”, Have a GREAT day!!=)


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