The Grand Final Submission

tl;dr; We’ve integrated Office 365 with Computas FrameSolutions, creating a solution spanning from a mobile phone app, an Office 365 solution, via a rich FrameSolutions web client to an adaptive case management backend. All integrated with RESTful APIs and running in the cloud using a best of breed of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.


FrameSolutions is used by, among others, the award winning solutions:
– Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s MATS solution
– The Norwegian Court Administation’s LOVISA

By integrating it with of-the-shelf products such as SharePoint we challenge our ideas of how such solutions can be built in the future.


High level overview of modern FrameSolutions architecture

User Story 1: As a potential Computas Cat I want to hook up with companies, just like I hook up with hot birds on Tinder.

Students (and anyone else out on the job market) browse companies and select the ones they are interested in, causing their profile to be registered in Office 365 and a recruitment screening process started.

User Story 2: As a HR manager I want to register the potential Computas Cat and kick off the evaluation process too see if he got the prrrr.

FrameSolutions automatically registers candidates based on the information in Office 365 and notifies HR by email, so when the HR manager opens his/her personal task list the task is automatically assigned and FrameSolutions will guide the manager through the steps required to fulfill the task of proper registration of the candidate. The last step is to either create a task to reject the candidate in a polite way, or to create a task to evaluate the candidate. The evaluation task will end up in the task list of another employee.

register candidate

The registration of a new candidate is easy to do right with the assistance of FrameSolutions

User Story 3: As a case handler I want to book an interview with the potential Cat and send back an interview invitation on Corporate Tinder.

The task created in user story 2 is now assigned to a case handler that can go through the necessary steps to evaluate the candidate and potentially schedule an interview.

Great Success! An enterprise Java application integrated with Office 365 for maximum business value: the best of breed of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS and agile process management. May Adaptive Case Management add infinite business value to whatever you apply it too!


Bonus stories for added $:

User story $1: As a HR manager I want to have indicators on how we do with respect to diverse recruitment and that we target the skills that are strategically important to us.


Office 365 dashboard with rich visualizations


User story $2: As a HR manager I want to change our recruitment process using a declarative model for rules, processes and our organization.

Using the FrameSolutions knowledge editor the process, rules and organizational model can be updated in a declarative way. As FrameSolutions is using a RESTful interface, the client can react to changes in domain models and in many cases the web client will not need to be updated through the power of hypermedia APIs.


Knowledge editor to change process, rules and organization model


Further reading – previously submitted blog posts and architecture diagrams

Our architecture – a previously submitted blogpost

Integration architecture diagram

Integration architecture diagram


Infrastructure and technology perspective

Infrastructure and technology perspective



Missing badges

We have a list of badges we feel should be re-considered, they might be lost in action…

For our native Windows phone 8 we believe we are to be evaluated for Go Native and Glossy Pixels

We’ve put a lot of effort into a solid SharePoint app, and believes the appster should be in reach

We know you are strict on nasty hacks, but by Computas standards this would get you a warning… Not even HR codes like this.

Also, the TEAM SPIRIT has not been counted in the leaderboard. We should have one more badge according to the number of badges we have (15) and the number in the list (14).

A nasty user integration hack

Our SharePoint app integrates with Office 365 using Azure ACS, rock-solid stuff.

Our SharePoint app integrates with FrameSolutions using a not-so rock solid, nasty hack. We check for matches on parts of the name using case insensitive string-matching and matches Office 365 users with the user model in FrameSolutions. It’s quite extensible, new users can be added with new if-statements. A minor downside is that user names can’t contain the same case-insenstive substrings.


Mobile Tinder-recruiting app

We’ve made a Windows Phone app for students to use to browse companies, see information about them and “like” the companies that they want to start a relationship with. In the background this will trigger a workflow in FrameSolutions for the HR department to start their complex candidate-review and hiring process.


And see, you can like PuzzlePart as well. We are competing about the best recruitment story, but no reason not to be friends, right?


Promoted Results

We have configured the search to use promoted results. When you search for the term ‘doh’ in the awesome CX Cats Recruiting Portal, this is how the search result looks like:


Notice that Doh! is written with the old SharePoint team site logo. Anyone who knows what that logo is called?

Recruitment statistics

We use SharePoint Web Parts to present statistics of our recruitment process to give interesting, at-a-glance insights into how and what we are doing.

And, of course, we stole the components from the internets… Some where free and the licensed ones we left in for some free commercial for the guys who wrote these nice tiles.