Integrations + Development = Fun

We wanted to give you an overview of some of the functionalites we have integrated the last 2,5 days.

We have developed a site where we can register new a House (that needs our protection services), new Threats (mapping between IoT sensors and GoT attacks) and view the Attack History.

In the Attack History, we can see data from Work Orders in CRM, and we show videos that we generated from real scenes in GoT episodes, and yes, we changed the audio of the movies with parts relating to the text the House entered.

As an example:

To find the video scenes that mentiones the text of our choice, we have used the Video Indexer API.

In addition, we have Artificial Intelligence to predict what threats the different houses are likely to face tomorrow. This way we can be prepared and have teams ready. We used Azure Machine Learning studio to make our predective analysis.

We got complaints from our Kings, they have dirty hands, and we got the challenge to integrate voice to have Self Service Support. We used Amazon Alexa to check the status of threat and in case of false alarm, Alexa can cancel the dispatched team.

To have an overview of which attacks we got, our team have a graph where they can manipulate and see the patterns. We used Cosmos DB:


Last but not least, we are using Face recognition to simulate attacks. For this we used Azure Face API.


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Virtual Dynamics!

So we wanted to show the contract template in CRM that each of our clients are bound to. Since we didn’t do that much SharePoint (sorry!) we figured it would be a good idea to link these contract types directly to a document in SharePoint.

Virtual Entity to the rescue! CRM has this new awesome feature where you can create a new entity that is virtual (doh!)

To get this to work, you need to connect to an ODataService, and we figured we would use the default SharePoint Odatafeed to read a document library but unfortunately it is only in V3, and this new feature requires it to be V4. So what to do?! We created our own customer ODataFeed-wrapper around SharePoint to give us what we need.

As the good fellow citizens we are, we have of course published our code as open source on GitHub:

And behold the documents in SharePoint:

Is now available in CRM:

What was really cool (and i’m not sure if this was possible in the earlier versions of Virtual Entities) is that it now respects the string datatype URL, so it’s possible to click the links directly to view the document. BTW this text is generated by the awesome Corporate Ipsum Generator.

It is now possible to use lookup to connect our clients House directly to these contracts:

Dyamics is AWESOME!

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House of CGI Spin-off

Today is day 3 and what’s the House of CGI doing ? We sure have our security systems getting going 😀

Who is talking to whom?

Who is helping us know the enemy?

Who is going to dispatch the resources to save us from the threats?


What happened in the war and what happened after the war?

Wait for it, this is going to be LEGENDARY 😀


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House of CGI-Security agency

We live in dark times and we could do a lot with the help of some security services 😉 . Our plan is to use cool technologies and come up with a security system which could

  • Help our clients to be protected against all threats
  • Use new technologies to provide best in class protection

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Technologies that the House of CGI uses

These are the technologies , the House of CGI is currently working with to help our clients, be protected against all threats 😀

  • Azure IoT-HUB
  • Stream Analytics
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Logic Apps
  • Azure Functions
  • Dynamics 365 Service
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • Flow
  • PowerApps
  • Sharepoint
  • Azure Cognitive services – Face api to detect persons and Azure Video Index
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure App Services
  • Augumented Reality
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Arduino for IoT
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Azure Queue
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure blob storage
  • Azure Key Vault
  • WebAPI
  • Angular2 Web application (Nodejs and angular-cli)
  • Github for version control
  • CI/CD integrated with Github


This is how House of CGI discovers and engages

House of CGI is having fun with creating custom videos with the  Microsoft video Indexer. We are trying new forms of content discovery by searching for spoken words in the Game of Thrones episodes.

We discover the scenes where these words have been spoken, and create our own custom video. For example: we search for the word war, and find references to the videos where this is found. With the references, we make our own video based on the real scenes of the episodes, which we use to show the brutality of the attack 😉


We use this cool video to display it in our attack history in our Home page 😀


Check out the Angular2 code for the House of CGI Website on the github repository

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I spy with my IoT eye

House of CGI is playing with facial recognition, augmented reality and a bunch of Microsoft products. By the end of day 3, we hope to combine IoT, Azure and Dynamics 365 to manage threats such as dragons and wolfs, and dispatch service teams from CRM to protect our allies. It’s our first time at the event and we are looking forward to getting to know other professionals, new technologies and to have fun!

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