Booking resources in our webshop

We have established process automation through flow, in order to make establish a work order in CRM from our web shop. See the awesome flow we set up below:

To order the user has to log in to the web shop, to get then work order registered to their team. In Dynamics we get an overview over these orders within Field service à work orders.

This work order will then be processed by one of us, using bookings in Dynamics.

We also have a workflow retrieving information from the bookings we enter, which we display in our internal solution – Back Channel.

Westeros services

Westeros is an online services hub, where all teams can book favors from all around Westeros, this online services center is build using AngularJS and bootstrap! And can tell you this it’s very RESPONSIVE! Hoping that we are doing Daenerys!

After you are authenticated using your AD account, we are using Office Graph as well to pull some data … I hope we are securing our castle enough!

Westeros online services are driven by speech, you navigate through speech and book through speech. Westeros online services integrates with Dynamics 365, where it pulls data from Dynamics and push bookings to Dynamics.

Finally, the tracking data that have been collected for tracking targets, is also sent through the online store!

Look how responsive it is!


Dashboard view in SharePoint

To have a better overview over the status for each team when it comes to points and money. Created we a WebPart in SharePoint.


Here we have used SharePoint framework with React. We are using the SharePoint theme color on the background for the heading area, so the WebPart doesn’t stand out from the site.  The WebPart is calling a SQL database to collect the data for each team.


We have also created an overview over all the purchased services from the web shop.

Whenever a team make a purchase in the web shop. Will the data be sent to a list in SharePoint.  So, the WebPart is using sp-pnp to retrieve the data


GPS Tracking

This is another use of Raspberry pi geekiness, The InfoWatch is using a GPS tracking device hocked into a raspberry pi and with some python code geekiness we are logging the GPS signal(s) to the target (which have been tailed with) and we log the GPS tracks with another LogicApp service which in turn also logs to the same SQL Azure database.


Some other cool stuff we have been working on

We have decided to use the field service in Dynamics to establish “resources”. These resources will be bookable for users through our webshop.


We collected some information about the participants when we handed out the chips. In order to be GDPR compliant and to show that this information will only be used for this event, we therefore make sure that the paricipants allowed us to gather this information. 






Logging activities (BT events) in SQL Azure

Raspberry bi activities are logged in a database in Azure, raspberry pi’s calls a WCF service hosted in Azure and in turn the WCF service calls a LogicApp service that logs into the Azure database.

WCF Service


Sample data from SQL Azure

Earning Money Recurring Flow Job

This is a workflow that runs on schedule every 50 minutes, calculating the money earnings for each team based on their members’ movements! Since the LogicApp service is a very busy service, the InfoWatch thought it’s a very useful idea to run a scheduled job go through the activities and then calculate the earnings (even banks runs scheduled jobs to do transfers, Right!)

Each person is Connected to a House in GOT. And each Team has a channel in Teams .

We have created a flow to show the tracking data in the channel who runs each time a record is added to the database.

Our awesome beacon tracking device

So, we have been working on several cool stuff, and this is some insight in our Raspberri Pi solution.

We have created an app that captures beacons that are within a certain range.  Beacons that come within range will be sent to a database using the logic app. The values sent to the database are the station (raspberry pie) and user id on beacon. The app is remotely deployed to each raspberry.

How to install Windows IOT on Raspberry Pi 2 or 3?

  1. Go to the Windows dev center click here
  2. Download Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard
  3. Install Dashboard and start.
  4. Insert SD card
  5. Select Device type, OS and Drive
  6. Type Admin password
  7. Accept the software license terms
  8. Click Download and Install, It will pack windows IoT image to SD Card
  9. Insert SD Card into Raspberry PI
  10. Plug in Screen, keyboard, mouse and Power

11. After installation, go to Dashboard -> My devices
12.Go to Device Portal to administrate the device(Raspberry Pi)
13. In portal you can control your Raspberry Pi

14. We need to enable Windows IoT Remote Server to deploy becan Application.

15. In Apps Manager we can have a overview of all Apps are installed in Device Settings.

We have also made a dashboard view so we have control over the beacons that comes within range.

Here you can see our beacon app “The Info Watch” Up and running 🙂






Violation of GDPR

We have all heard about the General Data Protection Regulation Law, applicable to all countries companies processing data from EU residents. One of the key changes which companies have to take in to consideration, is the strengthening of the conditions for consent. According to GDPR it is necessary to receive clear and distinguishable consent from the subject. And you cannot hide it in a long paragraph with fancy words, it has to be stated clearly so that is easy for the individual to comprehend.

So, why do we address this in our blog post today?

Well, we could not help but noticing that ACDC have posted pictures of the participants on Twitter. And even though the jury is partial American, this cannot be used as an excuse. As mentioned above the law clearly apply to all companies processing data from EU residents.  Of course, we do not want to be a total buzzkill with this post and make the jury delete these pictures. We just want to bring awareness to the fact, that this is not according to the regulation.

And just in case the judges should need some guidance in terms of how to address any incoming cases from participants, we just want to remind them of some of the basics:

  • The regulation states that if it is a serious breach you might have to notify both EU authorities and the individuals affected within 72 hours. So if you think of it, if this could be classified as a serious breach and the GDPR was implemented by now, we would be doing the jury a big favour. Your welcome 😊
  • According to article 17 in GDPR you every participant has the right to get their data deleted within 30 days. And since this is not affecting so many people, we think the jury could have handled that just fine.
  • It also important to remember that GDPR also requires you to have control over where the data is stored.

But of course GDPR do not take effect before 25 of may, so it would not be in violation of this yet. However, it might actually be in violation of some other laws. But this is not the theme of this article. We do however recommend you to get consent from the participants in the future 😉

Battle of the bastards is about to start

Get ready to start the battle.

Soon we have finished all the configurations on our 5 Raspberry Pi’s  that will be placed at different locations in this hotel. The beacons are also soon ready to be delivered. And then the battle can begin.

If you are curios to see what The InfoWatch are doing, the codeproject for the beacons can be found at github at this url:

We will keep you posted, keep in touch.

This is The InfoWatch

Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night’s Watch, for this night and all the nights to come.

―The Night’s Watch oath