The Dothraki translator is ready for production!

New site collections can now be provisioned with the Dothraki translator web part. The provisioned site will also be mobile friendly with Dothraki branding.

As this blog is being composed the Dothraki translation service has already been used by another team: Acando. So, feel free to use it 🙂

For future purposes this concept can also be used to translate other fictive languages such as Elvish, Valyrian, Hi Valyran and Klingon.


Here a  screenshot from the mobile phone. When you press the button and start speaking to the phone in English, the English output will be shown as text in real time on the phone. So will the Dothraki translation, which then also will be spoken out  through the speaker.





Here is a picture explaining the architecture of how this was developed:

The technologies used to develop this solution are:

– Office Dev PnP
– React
– Azure
– Azure functions
– Bing Speech API





How is this possible you may ask:

  1. We use the the dothraki bing speech api from our SPFx webpart for reading the users microphone and finding out what the user says and translate that to text.
  2. We send the text we get from the bing-speech api to the dothraki azure function that does the actual translation. The azure function then sends back the right Dothraki text to our SPFx webpart.
  3. The SPFx webpart uses browser native synteziser to speek the dothraki text you get back to the user.

Please contact Bouvet Penguins if you need access to the Dothraki translate api, we are happy to let you integrate the azure function in your app. (You need API key) Dont worry ! Your data is never stored any where, your voice is safe 🙂 (GDPR)

Click here to see the source control on GitHub:

Translate from English to Dothraki

You can speak English to the translator, and get that translated into the awesome Dothraki language. You can use the microphone on your pc or mobile phone for this purpose.

Here is a picture showing how this functionality is implemented:








For the time being the Dothraki output is in text, but soon it will also speak the output in Dothraki. How awesome is that ?

For future purposes this concept can also be used to translate other fictive languages such as Elvish, Valyrian, Hi Valyran and Klingon.