An exciting overview

In our inventory list, to make it more engaging for the employees of our bar and let them have a better understanding of the beers we have to offer we use canvas to draw a circle to display the color of the beer. Also,  in honor of the American guest this year, all American beers will now be represented with the Star Spangled Banner drawn as a canvas instead of a boring text output. Also we like the Scottish flag, so they got a canvas flag as well.

Also, because this list uses the rest api and the country is a taxonomy field, we use a Caml query to get the label of the field. We also use the Caml query to select the columns we would like to display.





We are going for High Five and Query Master

Badge-CAML Badge-HighFive



One thought on “An exciting overview

  1. Updated query with a left join to expand a lookup field:

    ViewXml: ‘<FieldRef Name="Country" ‘

    Thanks for the help

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