APIs all day long

We at the Puzzler Brigade love us some APIs. We have used 3 to enrich our solution.

First we are using the Marvel API to get superhero images and information about each super hero on our Hero Dashboard.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 2.34.31 PM

Next we are using the Flickr API to get images of the cities our operations are taking place in. We are using longitude and latitude to search for images in the area of the operations (Latitude, Longitude is attached to each Operation Room). We then append “Skyline” to get better results.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 2.34.19 PM

We are also using Chart Holdr for getting mockup dummy stats.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 3.03.04 PM

We are going for the Stairway to Heaven badge!





Final Delivery – DQC Comics – Hero 4 Hire

DQC-Comics proudly announce Hero 4 Hire. The ultimate superhero management platform!

For our customers we provide webforms and mobile applications for your superhero needs

The hero will be within your disposal at the time of your choosing.

For our superheroes we provide great overview of their assignments. When a customer places an order the superhero will be notified.  office 365 group and planner for collaboration and overview.

For management we provide a platform for resource planning of all of the superheroes. With Great dashboards we provide the right people with the right information, at the right time to be able to make valuable business decisions.


We hereby claim the “Extreme business Value” , “Killer App” nad “Consumer Commercial”


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Puzzler Brigade ASPC2016 Final Submission

Our Danger Room situational awareness Office 365 solution is something that any Superhero would want to have in their utility belt. It allows “Task Masters” back home to monitor and keep our Superheroes up to date with what is happening around them.

Check our what we can offer you for only $499 a month per Hero!

Using CAML to filter on Managed Metadata column

You cant filter out managed metadata fields by using standard rest calls with the $filter parameter. But this can be solved by the use of a CAML query.

The following CAML query will give you all the elements that are tagged with [Hulk] from the termstore.

<FieldRef Name=”Hero”/>
<Value Type=”TaxonomyFieldType”>Hulk</Value>

This can again be used in a rest call to get all this items.

We claim the:


Final delivery – Marvel superhero selection

Some time ago, when SHIELD was taken over by HYDRA, the Avengers tared the SHIELD organisation down. By this time, the Triskelion was destroyed, and all the marvel superheros got spread all around the world. Nick Fury needed an solution overview over all the superheros. Mr. Fury requested a location map, mission overview, booking possibility and a superhero tracker, to send the right superhero to assignments, at the right time. Our solution is to book a superhero, with a smart phone, track them in their Tesla and see when the superheroes are ready for new assignments.

End to end solution

The solution contains several different (moving) parts.

  • Xamarin app running on Windows Phone and Android. This app is for people requesting assistance of superheroes
  • HTML5 based Tesla app – gives superheroes missions nearby to pick from. Includes location logging to update the superheroes location.
  • SharePoint dashboards for showing information about superheroes and missions. Plots the current location of the superheroes

Mobile APP

Everyone in the need of a superhero, needs an APP! Go figure? Apple has told us that for years, even though Microsoft has tried as hard as they can to ignore it for the last decade, they have also come around.

Skill feels that is good to be on the bleeding edge, and created a Xamarin Forms Mobile app for both handeling the mission, WAMS and Social login

SP App Home

SP List View

SP Register

SP Registered

Tesla APP

The modern battleship for out modern day superhero is a Tesla Model S. We’ve created an app for the console that will display new missions to the superhero and allow them to sign up for the mission.

We used the Simple Grid as a starting point, and the only CSS at play except for the grid is what you see in the picture above.

So, there is some pointer about the UI:

  • Light text on dark background is common for car console interfaces because of the variations in the lighting conditions.
  • Big buttons and big text enables the superhero to interact with the app on the go. Time being of the essence.
  • Same branding and design principals across platforms and applications is important.
  • Workflow that honks and flash the headlights on the Tesla to alert superhero of incoming mission

Tesla live app2


SharePoint Dashboard

In SharePoint Nick Fury has full control over all superheros and where they are. All new missions pop up in the dashboard and also completed and cancelled missions are presented. He will se the workload of each superhero to monitor life/work balance.


Each superhero also has it’s own dashboard. In here they can se their assigned missions, next mission, weather on next mission, rating on completed missions and a surveillance view of their vehicle.


Other technologies used:

  • Nintex Workflow to create Yammer group
  • Power BI to create various reports
  • APP from SharePoint Store
  • Live Stream for surveillance of superhero car

Excel add-in updated – fresher now

After some feedback from the judges that our excel add-in was dull and rather boring, we decided to freshen it up a little. It now uses Office UI’s bootstrap-style scaling for the table data, so it looks a little better, and we also added the ability to add a nice color-coded chart which can be refreshed to contain the live data from the bar.



Aiming for the office ui fabric bonus and