De Umoelige: Final delivery

ITs been fun, and we have lived up to our name and done the impoessible. We have made a security camera system that is fully supported by any Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet), except maybe in the US.

We set out with a goal of upgrading the office experience. Automating common tasks to save the company time, money and despair. A secondary goal was to give people even more reason to visit the SharePoint based intranet.

The result of a 3 day hack is many small and couple of main features integrated into SharePoint.

Link to video presentation

Kinect whiteboard capture

We all love to draw on whiteboards. But unfortunately sometimes what we draw is actually a bit useful and we want to take it with us. Then its up with the cell phone, take a picture, email to self.

SharePoint integrated webcam that captures the whiteboard in a meeting room. It uses Microsoft Kinect depth sensor to detect the largest flat surface and through some nifty and speedy algorithms it removes any object not located on this surface. The end result is a webcam that removes any people from the image while keeping the whiteboard content up-to-date.

Coffee maker monitor

With the love of old manual coffee makers blooming a common problem is that guy that never starts a new brew when he takes the last cup.

We developed an image analysis system for detecting the coffee maker in a live image stream and find how much coffee is remaining and whether its brewing or empty. Alerts are sent on Yammer, data is accessible from SharePoint (per cent, history graphs, live image) as well as from cross platform mobile clients (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Windows RT and Windows 8).

Shared whiteboard

Getting up from your chair to draw on the whiteboard is so old-school. We have developed a virtual whiteboard that allows you to share a whiteboard from SharePoint and native mobile/pad/tablet. Combined with a projector nobody needs to get up. Perfect for those long meetings.

Competence hunt

Tired of the eternal rant of your boss/sales department of updating your CV? Tired of the seemingly endless stream of ideas on how to share knowledge in the company? Just want to go home and play Duck Hunt? We have the solution. We have combined Duck Hunt and updating of competence profile with Yammer to create the perfect knowedge sharing tool. Everyone will love hearing about how much you know!


Coors Lite

Tired of wondering if you are the most popular one in the office? With our new system of “Corrs Lite” you can track creds when people do something good (or bad).

User centric design

Wonderfull new simplistic design specifically designed for WinRT, Windows 8 and other touch devices. Scales to any screen size.

Inmates submission

Here’s our submission for the Arctic SharePoint Challenge 2014.

SP COS – command  line interface to insert patient data into SharePoint.


Surgery app


When Mario talks to the system, it automatically updates Yammer


Final Delivery: SkullHunters

Final Video / Hired Commercial

The SkullHunters needed an app for collaborative recruting in the company. We believe we have achieved exactly that, as a custom app in the cloud.

Initial mockup

Frontpage_mock Candidate%20Dashboard_mock





The frontpage gives the recruiters updated statistics on the recruting process, grabbing graphs from Excel sheets and presenting data from the list of candidates. The recruiters and precruiters can like candidates, and when a candidate gets above a predefined number of likes, a workflow is initiated sending an e-mail to the recruiters for that position.

Fuck off!

fuckoff 3

The candidates can be vetoed – or “fucked off” – by recruiters. When this happens, a notification is sent to the recruiters of this position, and if they got a Pebble watch they can even receive notification directly on their watch. Read more about this here.

The candidate dashboard


The candidate dashboard shows different sources of information of the candidate. it goes about getting search results from bing, key info and shared contacts from linkedin as well as information on the current employer. Collaborating on the candidate happens using Yammer, and it’s therefore very easy for anyone to join the discussion.

The “previous colleagues” in the top corner shows information from an old SharePoint 2007 legacy system the SkullHunters aquired, retrieving data via the Azure Service Bus.

#EVRYShare @ASPC2014 final delivery

Our main delivery during this Arctic SharePoint Challenge has been, though a bit defragmented, revolving around the Lynx Ink case. Our version of the Lynx-case sports a web shop, an intranet site and several services and features used by both customers and employees.

The Web Shop sells different products that the customers buy for their lynxes. It also provides services such as ridding customers of their lynx when they have grown tired of them. The intranet site contains statistics for the sales people working at Lynx Ink and tracking services for the customers.


<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


The site is custom tailored from master page, to page layout and cover the customers design needs not covered by SharePoint 2013. The custom design also elevates SharePoint covering accessibility and smooth design using HTML5 and CSS3. Topped with the native coloring feature of the Design Manager the design follows best practice for SharePoint 2013.

Lynx execution feature

As a service Lynx also assists its customers to put down their lynx when they for some reason is unable to maintain their lynx. The customer fills in a form that is sent via SharePoint to the CRM-system used by the sales department. From there on the process is handled by sales and legal to accept or deny the request.

The LynxShop lynx tracking page

The lynx tracking page is made for lynx owners that have a lynx with a tracking colar. The LynxShop is the only place in the world where a tracking colar for lynxesesss is available by the way.

When you enter the page we show a simple Web Part that lists out all the lynxesesss in the system (with a tracking colar). By clicking on the Show link on the far right side, the page reloads and more info appears, three more Web Parts to be precise.

The first one shows extended information about the selected lynx (picture, name and description).

Then we have the most interesting one, a google map which shows the current location of the lynx, where the tracking colar started broadcasting, and the route in between these two points.

Right next to this we have a simple Web Part that shows the current weather forecast for the current location of the lynx.

The LynxShop customer heat map page

A simple page that shows a google heatmap based on the locations of all our customers. This is important for the sales –and marketing people of our organization. Then can then see where they could concentrate their sales and marketing to gain more customers.

The LynxShop amusement page

This page shows two things.

  • A countdown bar which indicates how long to when the next lynx will be executed. This is based on data from our CRM system.
  • Quote of the day. We believe it’s important to keep our employees and customers happy and smiling so….

The LynxShop Receipt Generator

When a purchase is done in the LynxShop, a service is being kicked off in our backend which will generate a receipt document which will be shipped off to the customer by e-mail. This document will be a merger of multiple documents and other information.

The LynxShop Execution Receipt Generator

When a customer has applied for a execution permit on their lynx (or applied for execution by a hit-man), this application will be processed by our execution agents in CRM. When they approve/deny the application, a document will be generated and sent to both the lynx owner and the hit-man (if it’s a hit-man case).

Head 2 Head


Created visio diagram



List in sharepoint


Added viso web part

27So this is our submission.

first we create a column called entity:h2h1


Then we create a process in Visio:

Then we hookup the stuff in our SPFarm:




Youtube Queue!!!

The idea is to have colleagues post url’s to funny youtube videos during the week, and on friday we all sit down and watch all the videos together.

Big business value here, less slacking off during the week, save it for Friday!