We are Team Comptuas

Askild, Bjørn Einar and Jørn Are – ready for SP battle. We also bring Amr Ellafy from Creno.

We are getting the infrastructure ready to do node.js and web sockets in SharePoint. SharePoint in node.js All the code so far, which is mostly in a state of proof-of-concept, is available on GitHub in case some of the other teams want to try out the same. So far we are authenticating, getting user info (as shown in the screenshot with user id) and getting the web socket connection authenticated as well. We also have the chrome in place. Some basic stuff using REST is in place working, as creating a list element, but in desperate need of refactoring.

We plan to create an app itself at the challenge, but plan to sort out some basic plumbing issues before the challenge. We probably want to work on different things, Bjørn Einar’s goal is to create the fastest SharePoint app in the cloud.





Example submission

This year we ask you to submit deliveries in the form of a blog. Some of our reasons for this change are:

  • It’s easier for judges to get a full overview of your team’s submissions
  • It’s quicker to browse through content
  • Content can be aggregated through RSS
  • It’s easier to visualize code samples
  • Screenshots are of better quality
  • Videos are more focused
  • Content is searchable
  • Less time scrolling through content

It’s suggested that you create a series of blog posts, where each post is one submission. Then, as a final submission, create a final blogpost that wraps everything up. That one delivery should be marked “Final delivery from team xxx”. It’s ok to create a longer, final video as a final submission.


We have created a wordpress blog with categories for each team. You will all be given permissions to add posts in this blog. When you create a blogpost, remember to post it in the correct category.


We still want videos, but we only want to see the awesome stuff. No need to introduce team, business value propositions and how you built the system in the video – text/pictures/code are better suited for this. But we want to see demos! Show us why your system rocks. Keep videos under 3 minutes. Try to concentrate awesomeness into short, sweet videos. I’ve chosen to use YouTube, but any hosting is ok as longs as you’ve tested how to embed content. For capturing, Camtasia is a tool we can recommended.
To embed the video, go to the YouTube video, click share at the bottom and switch to “embed”. Copy-paste the html-code into the html-view of the blog.



For supporting a wide variety of formats, XML, javascript, C#, we suggest using gists from GitHub or embedded code in wordpress.

Create a GitHub account and make public gists. https://gist.github.com/ When you create a public gists, there is an option on the right of the gist that says “Embed this gist”, include the script into this page by switching to HTML-view and then pasting it. Remember that judges die a little bit inside if you use screenshots of code.

Result looks like this:

If you embed code, just use the WP Syntaxhighligher in wordpress (the button that says code in the visual editor

var net = require('net');
var rx = require('rx');
require('./extendObservable.js'); // Adds the toObservable method to EventEmitter

var RGBAStream = require('./RGBAStream');
var PaVEParser = require('./node_modules/ar-drone/lib/video/PaVEParser');
var FaceStream = require('./FaceStream');

var parser = new PaVEParser();
var face = new FaceStream();
var RGBA = new RGBAStream();
var socket = net.connect({ host: '', port: 5555});

.select(function(faces) {
return faces[0];
.where(function (face) {
if (face) { return face.confidence > -1; }
.select(function (face) {
return "Face at " + face.x + ", " + face.y + ". Width is " + face.width;
.subscribe(function (x) {



Show your architecture and screenshots.
Use Balsamiq of Gliffy if you don’t have any other favorite tools. They are cheap and can be used online to show your UI sketches and architecture. Or just draw something and take a picture of it. Architecture does not have to be PowerPoint slides. This images shows a drone that streams data to a JSON serializer that pipes it to a compression library and then to disk. Why not make cool SharePoint architecture diagrams as well?